Revive Yourself With Exciting Golf Holidays In Spain


Golfing is one of the best ways of staying fit, both physically and mentally and can be played either individually or in teams. As well as being a passion to some people it appears to have become an unofficial sport in the business world. Indeed it is quite common to hear that many a board decision has been made on the golf course.

As golfing and overseas holidays began to bloom in the 80´s so did tourism and golfing on the Costa del Sol, particularly in Andalucia, Southern Spain and is now a booming industry with over 55 magnificent courses.

As stated above, with over 55 courses, the Costa del Sol not only caters to the golfer but is an easy accessible destination with daily flights from all over the UK and therefore caters to the tourist alike. Popular destinations to ensure your golfing and holidays in the Costa del Sol are Puerto Banus, Marbella and Fuengirola leaving endless unspoiled areas left to discover.

Basing yourself in Fuengirola for your golfing holiday is ideal as it is  situated with easy access to the numerous courses nearby along with the many tourist attractions in the area that cater for  to the sizeable ex-pat community and tourists from many other European destinations and further afield.

Where to search for your golf holidays can be a minefield of chances. Hours of trawling through sites offering prices and promises that seem unbelievable usually are. It is always advisable to book through a well established and reputable site who are fully registered and covered by the Spanish Tourist Board. Remember a bit of research can ensure your holiday runs smoothly.

Golf Holidays In Spain